Our Fellowship in 2021 and beyond – A bright future awaits!

What a year it has been! Lewis Hamilton wins the F1 World Championship for the 7th time, Aston Martin pledge to build their electric models in the UK and rumours that Tesla may be looking to build in the UK are all great news stories. However, over the last 18 months the story that has dominated the airwaves is, of course, the Covid pandemic.

Our Fellowship has not avoided the effects of the pandemic but has weathered the storm. Under the guidance of our Chairman, Brian Spratt, and the efforts of the Committee, a sterling job has been done during this difficult period in keeping communications flowing and offering support to Fellows. At the same time, we have been working tirelessly planning future events and opportunities for Fellows to get together again in the true spirit of friendship through 2021 and beyond.

As your incoming Chairman, I would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Brian for his stewardship, his professional and dedicated approach, and the legacy which I fully mean to build upon

My Objectives and Vision

With that last point in mind, what are my key objectives for my tenure? First and foremost, the upholding of the fine traditions that our Fellowship stands for. Our support of BEN, the bursaries for young people in our industry and the running of events that appeal to all are key. However, there is another key objective, and for that to be achieved I will need the support of each and every one of you. Are you with me?

The lifeblood of the Fellowship is its membership. Whilst new members are joining us, there is a real need to focus on a more ordered approach to recruitment of new members. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a net decline in membership which, if allowed to continue, could prove damaging for our future. With that point in mind, your Committee is working on a more structured approach, the first output of which is seen in the attached PDF file for your interest and usage. I would encourage us all to take the opportunity to reach out to old friends and colleagues from our industry, talk to them about the benefits of joining the Fellowship, and forward this pdf flyer for them to peruse. Of course, hard copies are available upon request. This is just the first step in our rejuvenation, but one we feel will reap dividends moving forward.

The remainder of 2021 is looking good, and with the Midlands Lunch at Gaydon confirmed along with other events, much missed opportunities to meet again are here! I look forward to seeing you in the coming months.

Peter Leake