About Us

Since 1935 the Fellowship has provided members with various opportunities each year for them to get together and spend time re-establishing old friendships with associates and colleagues. Until recently the calendar of events has consisted of a number of lunches throughout the UK, but we are now featuring a wider variety of activities responding to the requests and suggestions made by Fellows. Our latest list is here.

Whilst the main purpose of the FMI is to promote fellowship between its members, it also provides opportunities to support the work of BEN - the automotive industries own charity.  You can read more about BEN here.

Currently there are in excess of 750 members, a planned campaign to attract appropriate, like-minded individuals in the future will form part of the on-going development strategy. You can check with our Honorary Secretary to find out if a friend or colleague is already a member.

The FMI is managed solely by volunteers, some of whom will be very well known to you and you can find out who they are here.