Thames Valley Riverboat Trip & Lunch

The sun shone as 42 Fellows and their guests boarded the Georgian River Cruiser in Maidenhead for a wonderful lunchtime cruise downstream from Maidenhead to Windsor. Along the way we passed through Bray and Boveney locks and after two hours cruising eventually turned around in Windsor where we had a spectacular and perhaps unusual view of the Castle from the river.

Along the way we passed various magnificent houses many of which were owned by the rich and famous such as Michael Parkinson, Dina Dors, Gerald Ratner, Billy Connolly, Ernie Wise and of course the well-known Waterside Inn at Bray owned by the Roux brothers.

We passed Oakley Court Hotel where President Charles de Gaulle was stationed during the second world war as well as Bray studios where the Hammer House of Horror films were made.

An excellent lunch was served during the four-hour cruise and the on-board bar provided liquid refreshments for those who wished to watch the river drift by from the comfort of the upper deck.

Everybody agreed that it was an excellent and relaxed day and thanks were expressed to Tina Steele for organising the event.