FMI Industry News - August 2013

This month's Industry news contains items on the following subjects:

  1. UK automotive industry growth and future development
  2. Business on the up for independent used car dealers
  3. End the motorway rip-off
  4. June new car registrations
  5. Going to France? You need a breathalyser kit
  6. Crazy approach to skills in independent sectors
  7. Driving up fuel efficiency and driving down motoring costs
  8. OFT turns down Fairfueluk’s call for oil pricing enquiry
  9. Men better than women at practical driving test
  10. Sleepy drivers
  11. The road to autonomy
  12. One in 200 drivers caught driving uninsured
  13. DVLA reveal the top 10 excuses for not buying a tax disc
  14. Buying a new car
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