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Coventry Transport Museum

10th July 2019
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Fellows and guests were treated to both an informative and very enjoyable guided tour of the impressive Coventry Transport Museum when the Fellowship visited on 10th July. The museum situated in Coventry’s city centre is a treasure trove of motoring history, from bicycles to land speed record breakers and was full of surprises that everyone enjoyed.
Our guide, Catherine, took us through the history of the industry based in Coventry in a chatty and effortless way. Being a true 'Coventrian', she related to the people of the city who had worked in the industry and gave us a feeling of reality throughout. After the official tour, Fellows were able to wander at their leisure amongst the exhibits, bringing back many happy, and maybe not so happy memories of past eras! The call of 'scab' as we crossed the picket line on one hand, to visiting the wood panelled office of a motor industry executive of the 1970s on the other all came together in this fascinating trip.
Fellows then retired to the wonderful Saxon Mill, Warwick for light refreshments out on the patio overlooking the River Avon before being treated to a lovely 3 course lunch in the restaurant.
A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and prompted many Fellows to plan to come back again.
Vice Chairman and event organiser, Peter Leake, thanked everybody for their attendance and support and wished the group a safe journey home. 

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