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Southwest and South Wales Lunch

29th June 2022
The Walnut Tree Hotel, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset
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The Southwestern and South Wales Lunch was held at the Walnut Tree Hotel in North Somerset and it’s fair to say that it deserves better attendance. Eighteen members and guests sat down to an excellent three course lunch with wine very kindly supplied by Tony Ham. 

The gathering was very convivial with much laughter around the table. Colin Allen, to some of us, ‘The Welsh Wizard’, not only said grace but also entertained with amusing pieces from church notices.  The raffle table was groaning with prizes for almost everyone (the writer being a notable exception ! Not that I’m complaining of course).

Why not keep an eye open for next year’s event, you would certainly get a good welcome.

Of course, if there is a place you think the Fellowship should visit in the region, let us know. Send an email to us.

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