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Visit to Prodrive Headquarters

23rd May 2017
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A small group of Fellows were privileged to enjoy a wonderful visit to see the famous Prodrive cherished collection of iconic race and rally cars, including team cars being prepared for the Le Mans 24 Hour Race.

The host for the day Jackie Irwin gave a detailed and informative tour which was hugely appreciated by everyone present. Fellows were also able to see one of only 25 Aston Martin V12 Vulcans. The Vulcan is a high performance lightweight track only limited edition car powered by an 800 bhp V12 engine. Needless to say, all 25 cars have been sold!

Jackie explained the logistics of shipping and moving the cars and spares around the world to various countries. She also described the extent of the research and development that Prodrive carry out for manufacturers from around the world which is not generally known. This R&D extends from Sir Ben Ainsley’s America’s Cup Challenge boat to creating rear passenger consoles hiding lap tops and champagne coolers in luxury cars!

Jackie also talked about the great deal of time that Prodrive spend educating and encouraging young people into engineering.

To finish, everyone firmly expressed their thanks to Jackie, who was a fantastic nonstop source of information.

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